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World Cup Qatar 2022 with 48 teams: FIFA sees option viable, but will definitely be decided in June | The rest of the world


The Council of FIFA See "Sustainable" World Cup with 48 Selections Qatar 2022 , but he postponed the final decision by June, when his congress met in Paris, before the World Cup for women in France.

"We know the situation in the region, Qatar is open to this option and we will see what can be done, we will explore possibilities and in June will be a proposal to the Congress," FIFA President Gianni Infantino told a press conference.

"The World Cup with 16 teams means more spending and more resources, but we are convinced that we can balance our revenue costs, this is an opportunity for another 16 countries that can dream about qualifications. Like Italy – four times a champion who could not be – neither Holland, second place in 2010, Chile and United States that did not qualify, "said Infantino, who pointed out that the 48 is" the ideal number. "

On June 13, the FIFA congress agreed that Mexico, the United States and Canada would organize the 48th World Cup in 2026. If the same pattern is held in Qatar, the World Cup 2022 will go from 64 to 80 matches, for a duration of 32 days. In front of 8 teams of 4 teams there are 16 groups of 3 teams. The first two of each team would qualify for the sixteenth.

The agreed distribution of the mandate was as follows: Europe would have 16 (compared to the current 13), Africa 9 (5), Asia 8 (4), South America 6 (4), North and Central America 6 (3) and Oceania. ensures a fixed position (0). The other two places would come out of a repo tournament featuring six teams.

The final decision will be taken on June 5, the same day that Gianni Infantino will be re-elected as president, after being the only candidate.

Infantino also announced the creation of a new Club World Cup for 2021, "says the Club World Cup," he said – on the dates that were intended for the Confederations Cup, in which 24 teams will participate, which will later be sent, talks with UEFA, which is contrary to the expansion of the current format of the competition.

In this regard, the Association of European Clubs (ECA) sent a letter to UEFA to emphasize that none of the 232 members is unwilling to participate in the new club World Cup, which was not important to Infanta.

"All the big teams will participate, we will continue to discuss, but FIFA's vision is to include everything and our responsibility today is to make a decision," he replied, commenting on the rejection of the clubs of the European Association (ECA).

"I respect the positions of all, but I am sure that clubs, leagues, players and associations will be very pleased at last," added the FIFA president who spoke of "a positive impact on the international calendar". "Take up a space that has already been reserved for the game," referring to the former Confederations Cup.

The FIFA president also revealed that the World Championship of Women in France will have video arbitration from June 7 to July 7.

Source: EFE

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