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Zorro Zupe reveals a message that was discovered on Instagram after Andy Arizaga started the ampay | PHOTO |


November 12, 2018 19:15.

The ampai discovered at the weekend burned the world of national entertainment after seeing the competitors This is war, Angie Arizaga, apparently, passionately kisses a mysterious man in an exclusive club in the capital.

It is said that the follower of the reality of the girl will be nothing more and nothing less than a relative of the former historical captain of the warrior, Iaco Eskenazi.

On the other hand, rude Ricardo Zuniga, popular Zorro Zupa, was present on his Instagram account and made a strong comment on the Angie Arizanga embassy.

"They told me that somebody broke up with a new father yesterday, I want to know what a woman will say when she sees FOTKE!" social network.

Everything suggests that a young man will marry and even have a newborn baby. What's the ex-girlfriend? Nicola Poncella? Here we leave the publication Fok Zupe on Instagram.

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