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7,500 overstaiing Filipinos benefit from the UAE amnesty scheme


The next series of 200 remaining Philippines will leave Dubai on November 11th.

About 7,500 of the remaining Philippines used the United Arab Emirates immigration amnesty program from the beginning of August 1.

Of the estimated total, close to 3,000 have decided to return to the Philippines, while others have decided to stay in the country to seek work or to offer business, General Consul Philip Paul Raimund Cortes said on Wednesday.

The Philippine government also released about $ 7.8 million to pay for exit fees (221 points), abolishing absconding (Dh521) and one-way air tickets (Dh1,500) from Filipino returnees, who also received $ 100 (Dh365) each except for minors) as "modest social assistance".

The money came from the Philippine National Support Foundation for Dh70M (P1B) for foreign Filipino around the world.

According to Cortes, the next series of 200 offensive Philippines, to be returned by the Philippine Consulate, will leave Dubai on November 11, and the latest group of 90 Filipinos flew from Abu Dhabi on November 4th.

It initially was supposed to run for only three months, and the declaration of amnesty was extended for another month until December 1 to allow undocumented residents to return to their countries without paying fines or ban or to correct their visa category.

Cortes has repeatedly called his kababaiance to use UAE amnesty programs before finally finishing on December 1st.

He said: "They (the remaining Filipinos) now have less than three weeks to fix their status or decide to go home without paying penalties."

"I invite them to come to the Consulate in Dubai (or Philippine Embassy in Abu Dhabi) so that we can give them appropriate advice on what documents bring amnesty applications," added Cortes.

Cortes also reiterated that the criminals with police or civil cases that are ongoing due to failure to execute credit or control will have to wipe out their claims first before they can use the amnesty program.

"The Philippine government will not pay its loans, but we can always help in processing their documents. Our permanent advice is to talk to the bank and ask for a restructuring of the payment system," he added.

"They should get out of this spiral problem where they risk staying here without proper documents. They are seeking part-time employment with a small fee that could not sustain themselves and their families," Cortes notes.

"It's better to get out of the trap by using amnesty. Join family again and start a new life home," Cortes advised, adding that the United Kingdom government had already warned of the destruction of illegal residents after the end of the amnesty program. "

At the beginning of the amnesty program, Philippine Secretary for Silvestre Bello III called on his frozen Kababians (compatriots) to rectify their status in UAE or seek voluntary repatriation to the Philippines. "Our government is ready to help you if you decide to return home," he said.

In other news, the Philippine Embassy in Abu Dhabi and the Philippine Consulate in Dubai announced they will be closed on November 18, marking the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Number of Amnesty

> 7,500 remaining Palestines benefited from immigration amnesty

> 3,000 decided to return to the Philippines, while the rest decided to stay in the country to look for a job or offered them a job

> Dh7.8m The Philippine government has announced to pay for exit fees, single and social returns for the return of the Philippines

> 200 Filipinos to return home on November 11th

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