Wednesday , February 8 2023

Hottie Alert: 13 Times Tony Labrusca raised our thirst


Undeniably most handsome man of the moment, Toni Labrusca has the right combination to be the shoebox of his eye-candy, his angel face, his gaze, the Greek statue-esque of physics and, of course, his acting skills in all cases this year. We just can not help ourselves, but to beat this hottie!

And just when we thought Tony could not get a sultry, he attacked us with his latest film under the title Glorious with an equally fierce actress Angel Akuin, by tirelessly taking the usual love action from May to December. Netizens (including us, of course) rage on what appears to be one of the hottest scenes in a Philippine movie ever!

If you lived under the rock, here is a hot trailer for your reading:

Glorious will be available for streaming to iVant on November 17th. It's not a long time, but if you already want more of this missed heart, there are 13 photos of Tony that would either quench the thirst or even launch it more.

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