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LIST: Potential 3rd telecommunication bidders


Ten companies are ready to give up on November 7th for the third major telecommunications slot. Get to know their records and financial health.

Published 19:42, November 5, 2018

Updated 19:43, 5 November 2018

RACE FOR THIRD. It is expected that 10 companies will be shut down on November 7th for the third major telecommunications slot. Shutterstock photos

RACE FOR THIRD. It is expected that 10 companies will be shut down on November 7th for the third major telecommunications slot. Shutterstock photos

MANILA, Philippines – The government aims to appoint this November's third major telecommunications player and earthquake to the duo of Smarta and Globe.

The next player must be bound to the highest level of service (HCLoS) specified in the task description (TOR).

The following companies have bought documents in the amount of one billion euros and will probably participate in the competition:

China telecommunication corporation

2017 net income: $ 18.1 billion

China Telecom is the third largest telecommunication provider in China. It is publicly listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange in the United States.

According to the company's website, there are about 250 million subscribers. On the Forbes Global 2000 list, it ranked 174th, based on the complexity of sales, profits, assets and market value.

President Rodrigo Duterte originally chose the company to be the third telecom and wants to work in the first quarter of 2018. However, the government finally opened the door to other players.


2017 net income: $ 13.4 billion

Telenor is a Norwegian multinational telecommunications company and operates in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Asia.

The company says it has over 172 million customers around the world and is proud of its assets in mobile, broadband and TV services.

Telenor was founded in 1855 and is based on 160 years of telecom experience.

The company is yet to discover its local partner.

Mobiltel Holding GmbH

2017 net income: $ 5 billion

NTC announced that a company called Mobiltel Holding GmbH purchased the bid documentation. However, the Google search showed that the company is now called A1 Telekom, which has a separate entity called A1 Telekom Austria Group.

The company's website says the company is quoted on the Vienna Stock Exchange and has over 24 million customers.

A1 Telekom has operations in Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Belarus, Serbia and Macedonia.

In addition to communications, the company also offers payment services, entertainment services and integrated business solutions.

NOV Telecom

NOW Revenue Revenue 2017: $ 130,000

NOV Telecom is a subsidiary of the public corporation NOV Corporation. (WATCH: Rappler Talk: NOV Telecom for the third telecom slot)

The company is specialized in providing broadband connections to large and medium enterprises, government organizations, residential buildings and special economic zones.

New corporate net income in 2017 amounted to P6.7 million or slightly below $ 130,000.

Both companies filed a case against NTC in connection with alleged money laundering schemes. They also called the "anti-Filipino" electoral process.

Despite the complaints, they said they would continue to run for the third telecommunications slot.

LCS group of companies and TierOne

The group of former Governor of Ilocos Sur Governor Chavit Singson, Luis Chavit Singson (LCS) group dealt with the Internet provider TierOne Communications from Mindanao to run for the 3rd telecottage slot.

The LCS Group consists of various groups of companies, one of which is Gracia Telecom. It consists of customers in Singson's foothill in Ilocos Sur. (WATCH: Rappler Talk: Chavit Singson for the third telco slot)

TierOne has 17 consortium partners to consolidate its offer. Each company has its own specialty, from mobile services, solar energy, software development to advertising.

The consortium has an annual income of $ 3.1 billion.

TierOne aims to develop over 50,000 cellular locations across the country.

LCS Group-TierOne tandem is banking on a broadband satellite for accessibility around the world and promises the cheapest rates.

PT & T

2017 net income: – $ 505,176

The Philippines telegraphic and telephone corporation is a diversified telecommunication entity that deals with corporate, small and medium-sized enterprises and residential segments.

PT & T on the list of the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) in 1990, but asked for a voluntary suspension of trading in December 2008. Her campaigns were closed at P0.33 pieces.

The company aimed to continue trading about 800 million ordinary shares in the local stock exchange this year, but plans have not yet been implemented.

Its optical network extends over 1,000 kilometers and serves users in the Greater Manila area, in the north and south of Luzon and in Cebu.

Ugly corporation

Net income of 2014: $ 15.5 million

Attached companies:

Davao's tycoon Dennis Ui for the purchase of companies and the expansion of the portfolio continues in telecommunication space through his Udenna Corporation maintenance company.

Included in 2002, it is among the fastest growing holding companies in the Philippines. Works in the distribution and retail of petroleum products and lubricants Phoenik Petroleum.

Udenna also deals with transportation and logistics through her subsidiary Chelsea Logistics Holdings Corporation.

There are also interest in real estate through Udenna Development Corporation (UDEVCO).

Other companies under Udenna Corporation are Udenna Management and Resources Corporation and Udenna Vater and integrated services.

Uneasy corporation is ready to complete its backup in PSE via ISM Communications through a huge $ 72 billion war.

The company has to partner with a local telecoms franchise company to qualify for the offer. They have yet to find out the details of this issue.

Converge ICT

Another Dennis Ui also stands for the third telco slot.

Converge ICT businessman from Pampanga Denis Anthony Ui is preparing to partner with Korea Telecom (KT) to break the duo Globe and Smarta.

According to their online presentation, Converge ICT offers a non-traditional internet network in the country and has other consumer-oriented digital services.

The company also has partnerships with international companies such as Verizon, Singtel, Telstra, Facebook, Netflik, Google and Sprint for various services.

In the meantime, KT serves some 90% of South Korean fixed subscribers and 45% of fast Internet users.

KT is on the list in the US and has grown by about $ 421 million in net income in 2017 and has a total assets of $ 27 billion.

AMA telecommunications corporation

The AMA education system subsidiary, AMA Telecommunications, said it had joined forces with Middle Eastern companies for the 3rd telecom slot.

AMA Group is run by businessman Amable Aguiluz V. Group companies mainly deal with information technology education.

AMA Telecoms do not have digital prints, but in 2016 they have acquired a congress franchise.

The company is yet to discover its foreign partners.

Unpublished bidder

One mystery company has yet to be revealed to the public.

Some have speculated that Streamtech Technologies is under the leadership of Villar since it recently received a congressional franchise.

However, Streamtech chairman Paolo Villar said they decided to reject the offer and focus on programs and strategies for internal expansion.

Bids for the third telecommunication slot will start on November 7th –

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