Wednesday , December 8 2021

Misteri Science Theater 3000 and more


Netflik trailers this week have a little nerd, romance and drama – something for everyone to enjoy!

Netflik trailers this week are quite fun if you ask us. It seems that there is something for everyone to enjoy, and something for everyone to excite and excite. Fortunately for you, in one place we have collected a whole week of trailers for you, so you can be alerted to what new and old shows and movies lead your way.

If you are a fan of science and to be a stupid nerd, then do not forget to check the trailer Misteri Science Theater 3000: The Gauntlet to see what a new season has! Plus has Patton Oswalt and Felicia Dai, so it's only worth a look.

Even this week there are even Netflik trailers for Christmas lovers Nailed it! Feast! which is a competition for recreational masterpieces. Nothing like friendly competitions to take you to a festive ghost, do you?

All right, so we've got enough inspiration and now it's time to look at all these Netflik trailers below! Tell us what you think and be sure to share your comments on what you are most excited about!


If you are in the story of coming, then Baby maybe it's in your alley. This series follows the lives of Roman teenagers while dealing with secrets, family, and more. Check it on November 30th!

It starts to see Lot as Netflik | Holidai Sizzle

Do you want to know all the festive shows and the movies have started in your season? See what appears on Netflik in the festive sucker down!

Nailed it! Feast!

The bakers compete for a $ 10,000 prize because they work for recreation for pleasure. Who will come to the top? Enter Netflik on December 7 to find out!

Plan burial

Paris? Love? Friends? Yes, please, sign us! Check out this series of eight episodes, because a group of friends are trying to find out why their friend Elsa can not find love. Their attempt to help result in taking drastic steps to help your friend find love. Mark your calendars for December 7 to capture this series!

Misteri Science Theater 3000: The Gauntlet

This is a new season, and this time we have Patton Osvalt and Felicia Dai to rejoice while exploring film rifing. Misteri Science Theater 3000 will be available for streaming on November 22.


This story follows a middle-class family in Mexico City around the early seventies in a very turbulent year of life. Check it out on December 14th!

A series of unfortunate events: Season 3

Do not look any further! A series of unfortunate events returns to the last season, and Netflik threw the premiere earlier this week! You want to know when you can watch it? Looks like you'll have to watch the announcement below to find out!


Who does not love the story of the city and the hero? Well, Netflik trailers even let us rejoice at the first official trailer Protector available for streaming on December 14th.

Dumplin & # 39;

Starring Jennifer Aniston, Dumplin & # 39; tells the story of a teenager sized in a plus whose mother was once the queen of beauty. The decision is to join the local city ceremony and forever change its city. Watch on December 7th!

Frontier: Season 3

Jason Momoa returned as Declan Harp in the second season Frontier Prime Minister on November 23rd.

F is for family: Season 3

Murphis are ready for the third season as the summer approaches! See Season 3 on November 30!

Of many, one

This film follows five immigrants as they struggle to get US citizenship and what it means to represent America. Of many, one will be available for viewing on Netflik on December 12th.

Nicki Jam: El Ganador

If you are a reggaeton fan and you've heard of Nicki Jam and his rise to the top, do not miss this special look in his life, falling on Netflik on November 30th.

Christmas Prince: Royal Weddings

It's really the nicest time of the year, and Netflik trailers aim to expand their leisure. If you're looking for a novel of this festive season then do not miss it Christmas prince Continue on November 30th!

The Fik

When comics together solve problems in the world what do you get? The Fik! Check host Jimmi Carr and D.L. captain. Netflik series Hughlei and Katherine Rian on December 14th!

Kominski method

Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin star Kominski method, a story that follows two lifelong friends and their life together. Now it's streaming to Netflik!

That was a lot of Netflick's trailer for a week, right? Check them out and tell us what you are most looking for!

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