Tuesday , September 27 2022

NBA free rumors: Clippers' most attractive situation in this NBA match


Clippers have the opportunity to recruit at least one free agent in this case.

Los Angeles this summer will have about $ 70 million in gambling, according to the Bleacher Report, and hope to sign two-star players to make the "current candidate".

One executive of the NBA has told Bleacher Report that Clippers should be looking for the signature of several big names, although LeBron James plays with Lakers in the same city.

"(Clippers) are the most attractive situation of the free agent of all of them, as none of the free agents will want to be LeBron's kadis," said the executive director. "And they can become the biggest player in the history of the franchise in an incredible market with the richest owner in the league. Why should not it excite you?"

Significant players who could be free players this summer include Raptors for Kawhi Leonard, Timbervolves wings Jimmy Butler and Varriors star Kevin Durant.

Clippers play against Trail Blazers on Thursday in Portland with a 6-4 record.

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