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Spotify: Download music from a playlist in a mobile or PC app right away. Here’s how


Spotify is working to equate its computer application with the mobile application.


Last week, Spotify has updated its desktops and web applications to work more like mobile versions, making the music streaming service easier to use on different platforms. In addition to a fresh look, Spotify now offers more control for PC and Web users, making it easier to create playlists with the ability to drag and drop tracks. PC and Web users can also now write playlist descriptions and add cover images, in the same way you would on a mobile device.

Maybe one of the biggest updates is coming premium members – the ability to transfer songs to a computer using a computer application. This was already available for the mobile app, but now laptop and PC users can also enjoy downloaded music while offline.

Here’s how you can download Spotify music on both mobile and desktop apps.

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How to download music in the Spotify mobile application

If you didn’t know it could be done on a mobile device, it’s easy. Create a new playlist by going to yours Library tab and tapping Make a playlist. Name your playlist and start adding songs. Whether you only have one song or a dozen, just switch Download in a mobile application. A small green arrow will appear next to each song.

But where will you find downloads after you get them? Go back to the Library tab and swipe down on the screen – a small search bar should appear. Tap Filters, select Downloads, and then choose how you want Spotify to sort your download (by song, artist, etc.). You should now see all the downloaded songs that you can now listen to offline.

Music in the Spotify application

Now the Spotify computer application looks more like a mobile application.

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How to download music in the Spotify application for computers

Downloading music using the desktop or the Spotify web application is basically the same as using a mobile application. Unfortunately, you can’t just download using a web player in your browser, but downloading a computer application is free.

  1. Open the Spotify desktop app (if you haven’t already downloaded it, continue and do so from the app store of your choice).
  2. Make your playlist. You can do this by clicking on the song> Add to playlist. From there, add it to an existing playlist or select New Playlist to start from scratch.
  3. Open the playlist (if you closed it while searching for songs) and turn it on Download.
  4. When you’re done, you’ll see a small green arrow next to the downloaded playlist on the left panel. A small green arrow indicates that the playlist is available offline – no need to go through filters like on a mobile device.
  5. If you no longer want playlists or songs to be available offline, simply turn off Download.

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