Thursday , February 9 2023

The contribution of prostitutes to HIV is low – AIDS Commission – Local



The AIDS Commission in Ghana revealed that the contribution of sex workers to new HIV infections in Ghana decreased from 31.1% in 2009 to around 18.5% in 2014.

According to Acting Director of the Ganesan Commission for the Fight Against AIDS, Steve Kieremeh Atuahene, intervention programs dealing with sex workers as part of national HIV / AIDS control strategies have paid off.

He said: "The data clearly shows that there is inter-generational sex that grows as a result of poverty and other factors. Men and women who engage in sex and long-term relationships account for 58.9% of all new infections in Ghana."

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However, the Commission noted that general data on the rate of infection did not change much.

"Statistics do not differ [from two years ago]. What is different is that we see more and more infections among young people. And we have to solve this, "he added.

Explaining further, Dr. Atuahene said that "high-risk sex" is a situation where sexual intercourse with multiple partners is used without protection.

Such unwholesome behavior, he said, reveals to young people the HIV infection.

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"There are more and more young people engaging in multiple simultaneous partnerships, and some are involved in the serial monogamy – they are crossing partners over time and rapid succession and revealing to them HIV infections," he said.

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