Wednesday , May 25 2022

The League of Legends gets another new trailer, and it's very anime


Earlier this week, the new movie "Avaken" from the Legend League fell. This is a video that is almost changed in games, and the characters and the world of Riot MOBA have brought life more effectively than anything the developer had previously done. So you can imagine my surprise when yesterday Riot came out with another trailer.

A video that is named A Nev Journei, you can look further on this video. Obviously inspired by the true story, that is, politely speaking, exceptionally anime. Settle on some poor J-pop style, animated footage of the League of Legends games is interwoven with some healthy narration of cartoons.

Opening a snapshot of Iasuo that has absolutely overtaken Zed, the video is shrinking to find the person who watched the look of a figure worried on the defeat screen. After a heavy loss, the player somehow becomes co-opted in the legend Legenda team, sitting next to a handsome gentleman with an adequate amount of red anime. It's time to start the party.

Part of what I liked so much in Avacen was that the characters we did not see before in the cinema got their moment at the center of attention, and A Nevrney's filmed it. However, Iasuo and Ahri appear, but Braum, Ornn, Caitlin, and even a relatively new addition to the schedule Zoe.

This is an anime hommage, it's not surprising that our player has a rich fortune, and everyone is extremely pleased at the end of the video. You can look at it completely in the video above.

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Elsewhere in the league legend, the community is preparing for a new season. Legend Legends patch 9.2 arrives this week, bringing the new Silas champion and an abundance of lunar New Year's joy to the crevice.

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