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This is an excellent pre-black Friday Deal on the huge Premium Samsung 4K HDR TV –


Stephan Jukic – November 5, 2018

Samsung's 4K HDR TVs are among the best in the market today, and their releases of 2018 are among the brightest and most lively in displaying the colors we reviewed in 2018 (as you can see in our detailed review reviews below). Not only did they perform well, but they looked great elegantly compared to rival premium TVs of almost every other brand.

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Fortunately, these gorgeous 4K HDR TV models with high caliber also get great discontinuation of sales discounts despite the fact that the Black Friday event is in mega shopping for weeks. The most significant and massive of them is the huge price reduction in one of the best Samsung 4K HDR TVs to date, the 2018 K7C, which is one of the leading models this year for this year. We reviewed the version of the flat-screen model earlier this year and most liked it. The curved sales model is now the same in every way, except that it comes with the small curve of the display, which some like, and others not so much.

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We wrote about curved 4K TVs before and until our opinion about them is mostly negative in terms of their tendency towards higher prices, do not make any real damage. On larger TVs such as the 65-inch version of K7C, the curve is small enough to serve more than anything as a decorative function without losing image quality. In any case, K7C is exactly the K7F flat-screen model in all other specifications and performance, and they are almost equally excellent. This specific 4K TV provides some of the highest levels of screen brightness and color levels that you will find on any 2018 4K HDR TV and is also an absolutely fantastic 4K console or PC game model with incredibly small input lag and excellent resolution, frame rate and support for HDR color.

Samsung K7C 4K KLED TV 2

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In other words, as long as your curved screen is not important, the K7F has almost every top feature you want. Best of all, it is now on sale for $ 1,002 from a retail price of a 55 inch model and an incredible $ 1,102 discount on the regular price for a 65-inch edition.

These are also great deals when we think about our professional analysis of the overall quality of this TV model, and while it is obvious that Samsung will obviously present the new 2019 TV models in a few months to CES 2019, it will not be published at least spring next year. In the meantime, K7C is more than good enough for both HDR and regular TV content as an excellent TV in the coming years.

Samsung K7C 4K KLED TV 3

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