Sunday , April 2 2023

VVE SmackDovn Star deals with undetected injuries


It seems Erick Rovan is not the only Brother Bludgeon who deals with injuries.

Luke Harper was originally written off VVE SmackDown after Rovana's injuries, due to the fact that his partner was out of action and that he did not have anything on television. Everyone assumed he could be out of action until Rovan returned and despite being healthy.

It seems we may have mistakenly assumed it.

Harper appeared on comedy across the weekend and was seen as wearing casting on his left hand. You can see the image below for yourself.

Earlier there were some reports on how Harper could be returned as part of the united Viatt family even before Rovan was ready to return. It seems to be in the air right now, although we do not know how long Harper will be hurt and will remain on the shelf.

Rovan broke his biceps during the defense of the Bludgeon Brothers team in the SummerSlam Championship this year against the New Day. The new day won this match through disqualification. Two days later, in The Smackdown, The Nev Dai won the titles and Bludgeons have since been excluded on television.

Harper worked several games for VVE NKST since he smacked SmackDown in August. He fought in September against North Korean champion Ricochet on the live event in Buffalo, and Harper even fought against Lars Sullivan at the NKST live event on Friday evening in Tampa. This would lead us to believe that the injury took place in a game with Sullivan, although we have no confirmation of it.

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