Sunday , April 2 2023 public and secure DNS for all that are now in iOS


A few months ago, Cloudflare launched a public, fast and secure (in their opinion an absolutely anonymous) DNS server on Now, with the new iOS app, you can quickly switch to it without switching to ViFI settings.

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Cloudflare ensures that the public DNS service available in is not only faster than other public servers of this type (including Google's public DNS), but what is important is to protect user data collected by some service providers (eg visited sites) used to provide adequately profiled advertising content.

The public DNS of (and can be placed on any device. Cloudflare yesterday released a free app for iOS and Android, allowing you to quickly switch to it, without the need to bury the settings of the ViFi network.


Program installs the VPN profile on the user's device, and then automatically activates this type of secure encryption that already uses this public DNS server.

You can find more information about public DNS here.

App for iOS is available in the App Store for free.

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