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ACTA 2 will force you to close Google News in Europe?

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According to Richard Gingras, vice president and head of the Google Nevs sector, the entry into force of "ACTA 2" can force the company to end the activity of a popular content aggregator in Europe.

New legal act May

The new legal act with a regulatory copyright law causes great controversy.


  1. EU Directive Copyright in the digital single market, often called ACTA 2, can lead to the closure of Google news in Europe;
  2. The reasons are art. 11 and the so-called tax relationship with the law in question, the sites that link with the texts that take copies of the original materials will have to pay their publishers every time;
  3. The article is also controversial. 13. who will in practice submit platforms such as IouTube's responsibility for content published by the user;
  4. On September 12, the European Parliament decided to send ACTA 2 to a further action, but the way it came into force The directive is still far away. You are negotiating within a trial committee with precise provisions. Then, the law must be ratified by different member states that will have two years for it.

The controversial EU directive on copyright law is the subject of many comments and speculations over the past weeks and months. We will remind you that an act, often called ACTA 2, can cause major changes to the Internet, including making it impossible for us to access a large number of publications posted on YouTube (which is currently being tracked at the site as part of the # Saveiourinternet campaign). It turns out that even a sader destiny may be waiting for the Google Nevs platform.

Kills Article 11

According to Google vice president and head of Google Nevs, Richard Gingras, Acceptance of the law in question in the present form can mean the end of the activity on the site in Europe. All through art 11 and the so-called tax link idea. It is assumed that every location (of course, market giants, such as Google and social networks like Facebook) that link to articles that take fragments of original texts, have to pay to their publishers.

It is worth noting that in this particular case we do not deal with the theoretical situation Due to a similar act (as adopted locally, at the level of an EU member state), Google Nevs had to make a decision in 2014 to complete the activity in Spain. Both publishers and publishers have lost their time.

I would not want to see the same situation in other European countries. We are ready to work with all of our partners, so Richard Gingras will not do this in an interview with the Guardian.

However, the Google Chief notes that this matter has not yet been evaluated wrongly, the final decisions will be made when the current form of the new law is known. Only after the completion of work on ACTA 2 will it be possible to evaluate its impact on the form of the Internet network in the Member States and whether their activities will continue to be profitable for individual companies.

Richard Gingras emphasizes that Google Nevs is not profit-oriented in the current model. Its goal is to make it easier for users to access information offered in the so-called Google ecosystem, of course, spending more time on other platforms for the advertising company. However, Google News does not generate revenue, which is why the company will not have the interest to maintain it if it starts to create losses after the introduction of the new law.

There are no ads in Google News, it's not a product that generates revenue for a group. Its value is to reach certain communities in obtaining valuable information, says Google Vice President.

and unhappy 13th place

IouTube is not skin

IouTube does not contain weapons.

We remind you that the problems with ACTA 2 do not end with the abovementioned article 11. Comparatively or even more dangerous, art can turn out to be. 13. In great simplicity, its terms convey responsibility for content posted on sites like IouTube from content creators on the platforms themselves.

The proposed version of Article 13 will eliminate the current system for removing content that currently protects rights owners and platforms. As a result, services such as IouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, Dailimotion, Reddit or Snapchat will be responsible for the content sent by users, creators and copyright-infringing artists. This means that these platforms, including IouTube, will have to block most of the content transmitted from Europe and display non-European materials in Europe, due to uncertainties and copyright claims, we read in the FAK on the # Saveiourinternet campaign website.

In the heat of art. 13. criticized Susan Vojcicki, head of IouTube.

Article 13 in the present content threatens to prevent millions of people – including video creators and users – from transferring content to platforms such as IouTube. Moreover, it threatens to prevent users in the European Union from viewing content that is already available on the creator channels anywhere else. This applies to a wide library of educational videos on IouTube, such as language lessons or tutorials, while the site's executive director.

We remind you that the European Parliament adopted ACTA 2 on 12 September, but that does not mean its entry into force, but only to determine the form of the document that will be the subject of further work. Negotiations are currently underway on a three-year board directive, which includes representatives of the European Parliament, the European Commission and the EU Council. Then it must be ratified by individual member states, we will get two years. It is important to note that in the present form, the document does not enjoy the support of the authorities of the Republic of Poland.

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