Friday , June 2 2023

Adam Navałka near training Lech Poznan


After defeating Lechia 0: 1 in Bulgaria, it was decided to free the Serbs only after four months of work. For Leh, this was an unpleasant situation because they previously stated that the employment of former footballers and youth team coaches was a project for years. However, this did not happen – a series of three defeats in a row, including the Polish Cup with I-League Rakov Czestochowa, poured bitterness. Even before the match with Lechia, the first talks with Navaq took place in connection with his work in Poznan, but he was not interested in taking over the team at the beginning. It seemed to end up like the temptation of Legion or Zagłebie Lubin. Now, however, this is the second time, three months from the suggestion of Darius Miodus and a longer vacation. Przysłałka was thinking about this issue and, finally, after further pressure, she decided to start more serious discussions. He signaled that there was a chance to negotiate a happy finale, and the Lech reconstruction project seemed interesting to him and would treat him as a big challenge. For now, the former coach had only a telephone contact with the Lech chiefs. It is expected that this will change in the coming days, when it will present its vision to its potential employers. And this is demanding and contrary to previous reports, is not limited to June. Navałka is thinking of signing a long contract, but it all depends on the upcoming talks.

Fulfilling what conditions would the Notice require? From today it is known that the coach is very demanding and to take care of the smallest detail. He would like to affect all aspects of team work, to provide the smallest details, such as logistics or the organization of the days spent by club or cluster players – as is the case in the presentation. Taking into account the difficult situation in Lech, not only in sports, but also under the name and limited confidence of the fans, the club is in a situation when it should fulfill most of the points from the coach list. The most important thing is primarily the recruitment of your training staff – not just the two most important assistants: Bogdan Zajac and goalkeeper coach Jaroslav Tkocz – but a wider group of contributors. The announcement would also like to have a big impact on the transfer and reconstruction of the team in the winter period – it does not have to be under the watchful eye of the transfer committee that has been operating in the club for years. He was the one who would have the final sentence to bring in the team.

Navałka is interested in working in Poznan. At the same time, we know that besides the talks with Kolejors, there is an initial proposal from China. However, he would have to wait until November 11 and finish the season. Only then would you know more details. However, the work in the Far East is not safe, so if the negotiations with Leche were positive, he would go to the main league. For Lech, such a solution looks like a blow. First of all, the position and opinion of the former manager despite the unsuccessful World Cup is still very strong in the country and meets the expectations of frustrated fans, which can not be said about the employment of a foreign coach – even with a good CV. In Poznan, he is very much ignited, and a coach who has been a national team for many years now is coming to Bulgaria, which was a great success for which the whole nation is proud. For this popular, with great charisma and character, impeccable presence and most importantly – from a sporting party that is able to organize the team, build and create its players. Employment of Nałeczka would surely have attracted great interest, but above all a long time. Although the price is likely to be high (although the coach's salary is not a problem), this move can be paid to Lechu.

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