Tuesday , May 30 2023

BattleUpping on PS4 will appear on December 7th


Sonny released the release date of the BattleUpknovn Battleground in the PlayStation 4 family. Prototype Fortnight Battles will be sold before Christmas.

There were a few shooters who dropped many players on one map and waited only one – as in the novels and films about Hunger Games, but it was BattleUnknovn Battleground that popularized the genre of the battle roiale. However, as often happens, he has a lot of followers. PUBG quickly lost the crown to Fortnet.

Fortney won the heart of the players around the world, especially after it became available to all new consoles and mobile devices. PUBG has lost its character. It is possible that, thanks to the publisher's agreement with Microsoft, after finding his debut on computers, he found mobile devices and consoles, but only those of the Xbox One family.

PUBG relocated to PlaiStation 4 years after its launch on Xbox, and Sonny today released its release date.

An exclusive contract with Microsoft has expired, and BattleUnknavn Plaier will play on PlaiStation 4 on December 7th in less than a month. As in the version for computers, rival consoles and smartphones and tablets on Sony servers, hundreds of players will compete chicken.

It is hard to expect, however, that PUBG will dismantle the current leader after a delayed debut at the Sony console. Players will not only have to pay for the PlaiStation Plus subscription, but also pay the game itself. Battle roiale in Fortney is free on all platforms.

Battlefield Battlefield on PS4 Offer players access to third-party maps: Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok.

PUBG on PS4 can be ordered pre-release in digital version and disc. Various releases will be available at the PlaiStation Store. In more expensive editions, you can count on bonuses in the form of the so-called Survival Pass, a virtual currency package and additional skin inspired by m.in. Uncharted and The Last of Us series.

It is interesting that Sony does not share any information about cross-pay and the ability to apply on Sony PUBG equipment previously made by players on other platforms. It seems that although it was necessary to wait a year for the PlayStation 4 edition, it will still be behind Fortnit at least initially.

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