Monday , October 3 2022

Cops will be dressed? KGP rejected


Veronika Szkvarek

A police strike is continuing, due to the upcoming Independence Day, some uniforms go for mass medical examinations or give blood. There was information about a network that services wanted to "dress" and forbid them to change their place of residence or until November 11th of a doctor's visit. The police headquarters issued statements that such information on the Internet was "false news".

"There are rumors in various police forums or instant messengers that most units will be warned and police will be buried. They can return home for a week or a half, and in the" weekend "of November 11 they will be sent to provide capital in Independence Day or Łodz, such attitudes have nothing to do with the truth! They create, send and send people whose only purpose is to mislead the other, cause insecurity and disorganization, "the police headquarters statement said.

The network has a message about the alleged alarm, which will mobilize all police officers to appear in barracks or hotels.

– We sharply deny this information. It is not true that a plan for a bar of officers has been created. No alarm is planned to return to Warsaw on November 11th. It is also wrong to disseminate information about Crisis Staffs. In Poland, regular staffs are appointed, but in connection with the "Znicz" campaign, which is held every year around 1 November. This is normal practice and has nothing to do with the current protests of police officers – comments by the Polish National Staff.

Police officers "bird flu"

However, the fact is that police officers go out on medical exemption. In the network, these activities are called "bird flu". On the page "Uniforms thanks to the government" a list appeared, where it was highlighted how many officers recently went to the so-called " "L4".

However, according to Radio FMF FM, every fifth officer is already on sick leave. Słavomir Kostiuszko, president of the Lubuskie ZV NESZ police. – The situation becomes tragic, many policemen went to L4. I have practical information from each unit that slowly becomes ineffective. And this is dangerous. However, the police are still not seriously understood. For years we have been talking about our problems – we commented on this issue to Onet. The trade unions deny that the sickness was a result of protests because no orders from above were issued in this regard.

– The fact that officers on technological surpluses are not part of the general protest procedure. We did not give a signal to take this form of protest – Rafał Jankovski assured the president of the main board of the Independent self-governing trade union of police officers in an interview with PAP.

The strike in the police continues, uniforms disagreed with the latest agreement proposed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration.

Veronika Szkvarek


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