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How and which stores will be opened on Easter 2021?

In the coming days, we may have problems with larger purchases. The reason is the upcoming Easter. The shops will work shorter on Saturday, and there will be a ban on trading on Sunday and Monday. In addition, there are restrictions due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Holy Saturday

In accordance with the law restricting trade on Sundays and public holidays and certain other days on Holy Saturday, April 3, all stores can be open until 2 p.m. Only those institutions whose owners are behind the counter can stay open longer. Sales hours on Holy Saturday:

A frog: 14:00, after At 2 pm, the decision to open a point of sale is made independently by entrepreneurs who use the exceptions contained in the Law.


Easter Sunday and Monday

The stores will be closed on Easter Sunday and Monday. Only facilities whose owners are behind the counter can be opened.

From 2020, the trade ban will not be applied only for seven weeks a year. This year, the stores will be open in the last weeks of April, June and August, as well as the next two weeks before Christmas.

The Law on Weekly Banning of Trading provides for a catalog of 32 exemptions. The ban does not apply, among other things, to confectioneries, ice creams, pumps with liquid fuels, florists, newspaper shops or cafes.

There is a risk of 1,000 to 100,000 for violating the weekly trading ban. Fine in PLN, and in case of persistent violation of the law – restriction of liberty

PAP / Maciej Zielinski

Pandemic limitations

Due to the development of the epidemic, from Saturday, March 20, to April 9 this year. shopping malls and galleries are closed throughout the country, with the exception of, among other things, grocery stores, pharmacies and drugstores, printing salons, bookstores. Large furniture and building stores with an area of ​​more than 2,000 m2 were also closed, and hotels (except business trips), cinemas, swimming pools, saunas and solariums were also closed until April 9.

There are new restrictions on commercial facilities at the market or at the post office. In stores up to 100 square meters, 1 person will be allowed to stay on 15 square meters, in points of sale over 100 square meters 1 person will be allowed on 20 square meters of the church and library.

Holiday shopping

Christmas shopping will be comparable to last year’s – said Maciej Ptaszinski, vice president of the Polish Chamber of Commerce. – This year, during Easter, the lock is in force again, although last year it was sharper – reminded the deputy head of the Chamber.

As he noticed, a lot of people will spend this holiday with their loved ones at home. – Of course, it is difficult for me to judge what, therefore, customers will buy more and what less, but the structure and volume of purchases before this holiday will be quite comparable to the one from last year – he said.

According to Ptaszinski, the impact of time on shopping cannot be overlooked. – Based on the data of the Market Monitoring Center, which we use, we know that the increase in air temperature has a very large impact on the basket. Remember that Easter is a holiday, where spring is already felt, so the warmer it is, the more products we will have in our baskets, such as ice cream or drinks, in addition to, of course, standard Easter shopping – He explained

As he added, maybe that variable will affect the structure of the shopping cart this Christmas.

Polish Chamber of Commerce associates about 30 thousand. stores, wholesalers of food and drugstores, as well as companies from the FMCG environment and service companies.

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