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How many types of labor contracts will be in force in 2019? – Work and career – work, career, labor law, work abroad, employment


A labor contract is a basic document that regulates the relationship between an employer and an employee.

Contract for an unlimited period. The long-term contract is permanently binding on both sides for an indefinite period of time. In particular, it differs from other contracts with strong protection against dismissal, since the employer must justify the reason for the employee's notice.

It is also characterized by the longest period of notification, however, after the change of regulations from February 22, 2016, in the case of an unspecified and defined contract, it depends on the length of employment with a particular employer and it is in force:

  • 2 weeks if the employee was employed for less than 6 months;
  • One month if the employee was employed for at least 6 months;
  • 3 months if the employee was employed for at least 3 years.

When the terms of the period begin and end with a fixed-term contract and an unlimited contract, you can read here >>

Contract for an unlimited period. Therefore, employees in terms have received greater protection against dismissals.

In addition, from 2016, in the case of a fixed-term contract, it is applied rule "3 and 33". This means that an employer can only enter one employee three contracts for an indefinite period (it does not matter if there are gaps or their length between them). what more The maximum period of employment for one employer is 33 months (this can be one contract and several contracts), without
adding a trial period, so it's a total of 36 months. In the case of
which exceed these contract dates for a specified period
automatically turns into contracts for an indefinite time. In November, the conditions for timely engagement >> were once again reached

As a result of the changes two years ago, the Labor Law also disappeared contract on the duration of a particular transaction, a replacement contract is considered a subtype of fixed-term employment contracts.

Contract for the trial period. The contract of employment for an indefinite and certain period may – but not necessarily – precede the contract for the trial period.

The trial period can not be longer than 3 months, but can take less –
the minimum period is not specified in the regulations
make a test contract. However, the Code prohibits the renewal of such contracts
one employee from the same employer.

The contract for the trial period ends at the end of the period for which it is
it is concluded, unless it has ceased earlier,
termination without notice or termination of the contract
pages. The period of notice depends on the remaining time
he concluded. is:

  • 3 working days if the trial period does not exceed 2 weeks;
  • 1 week if the trial period is longer than 2 weeks;
  • 2 weeks if the trial period is three months;

The contractual agreement does not apply in the case of employment
on the basis of: contracts on work on cooperatives, appointments, employment or
appointment. In addition, contracts for the trial period of
juvenile employees, under a contract of employment and for preparation
training course.

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