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It could look like a fall for the PlaiStation 5


Tuesday, November 13, 2018 15:24, Written by MP

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The console for PlaiStation 5 is currently best kept secret in Sony – as it happens in the world of technology, much information is obtained from the outside, and anonymous informers also share more or more verified information. This time the engraving hit the net, which shows exactly what the next generation DualShock controller looks like. In this case, we have a very interesting refreshment from Japan.

The biggest change in the decline of the PlaiStation 5 will be the implementation of the touch screen, which could be used as an additional screen to display elements of the game's interface or to navigate through the options available in the menu of specific production. Where should the screen be set up? In a strange place – under analogue buttons. At first glance, this is a strange change, but it would definitely be beneficial to people who have less hands and are not able to get some buttons. All this sounds logical, at least on paper.

This is currently the only major change in the controller that can be seen in the drawing. The second new feature is button number 22but at this point you do not know what to use during the game. In the sketch, you can also see that the Share button disappears from the new DualShock, which allows you to share screenshots or videos.


Designing falls with a touch screen would be nothing new or revolutionary, but this could be an interesting improvement – exactly the type of headphone connector in each controller that allows you to enjoy the game at any time without the need to search and place things on TV or monitor.

Of course, it's worth remembering that all this information has not been fully verified, and the design of the new DualShock can be changed several times.

However, this is very possible We just saw the controller develop at the world's most popular console.

Source: USPTO

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