Thursday , June 17 2021

Joanna Przetakievicz in a bikini! She boasted a great figure!

Not a gram of unnecessary fat! Joanna Przetakievicz (53) has a teenage figure!

St Barths is a popular place among Hollywood stars. Joanna Przetakievicz was also there recently.

The instastor, among others, praised the beautiful view from the hotel. She posted a video from the beach in the post.

We can see Joanna Przetakievicz running along the beach, and what attracts the most attention is, of course, the figure of the designer.

Rinke Rooiens’ wife boasts a perfectly flat stomach, slender legs and arms.

This was noticed by her fans, who literally showered her with compliments!

The video was commented on, among others, by Anna Lewandowska, who couldn’t help but admire it! Joanni left an emotion of heart and fire, and the designer also repaid her with a heart and a kiss.

Sara Boruc, on the other hand, left a comment about “Lepa”.

I hardly disagree with these opinions!


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