Saturday , January 16 2021

“Like” will disappear from some parts of Facebook

Facebook has started making changes to fanpages on its platform. On the websites of some companies, organizations or popular people, the like counter has disappeared. According to the announcement of the technology giant, within a few months, changes will be introduced on all pages created in this medium.


Facebook says the changes will make it easier for organizations and public figures to “build community as well as achieve their business goals.”

“This is just the beginning – in the coming months, we will gradually apply new versions of fanpages on the following pages,” Facebook announced.

The comments of the parties are more visible

“We redesigned the look of the pages to make them clearer and more efficient than before. Thanks to that, users can easily see page descriptions, posts and other important information published on the fanpage “- we read in the company’s statement.

The changes also included the so-called News Feed, i.e. The main part of the page where the latest information from friends or fanpages you follow appears.

One of the changes is to increase the visibility of comments posted on posts via fanpage. They are shown at the very top. Facebook users can also start tracking the location directly from comments and posts.

“To support richer conversations with more interactions, we are also introducing a new Questions and Answers section (Questions and Answers – ed.),” Social media reported.

The “Like” button will disappear

The changes also apply to the well-known “Like” button.

“We remove likes and focus on followers to simplify the way you use your favorite pages. Unlike the number of likes, the page follower rate refers to users who receive the latest posts on the fan page. This will help public people better define their fan base. “- he explained on Facebook.

Fanpage owners have also been given new tools for managing websites.

“We’ve added new site management features – like the ability to assign administrator rights to specific tasks. You can assign different levels of access to manage specific tasks, including advertising, content and activities, and community communication,” Facebook explained.

The company has also increased the visibility of the so-called authentication badge, which allows you to verify that the information is from the actual profile of a public person or organization.

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