Wednesday , July 6 2022

Madonna's daughter shines on the wall with her chest. Lourdes Leon in transparent creation


Madonna's daughter probably overestimated the thickness of the material in her dress. Everyone loved Lourdes Leon!

22-year-old daughter of Madonna he appeared yesterday on a red carpet. Lourdes Leon participated in the 15th CFDA / Vogue Fashion Fund event at Brooklin Navi Yard.

Dressed in an elegant dress, she definitely gave a chic, but also caused a scandal. All for that Madonna showed her nipple! And according to the relationship E! Nevs, Lourdes Leon did it on purpose!

One thing is certain, Madonna will not deny her daughter. Lourdes Leon inherited from her mother the love for a scandal. It must be admitted that showing the wart on a red carpet requires courage. The more obvious it was not skating, it was already aware of the action.

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For the dress Madonna's daughter correspondent with Raul Lopez, founder of the brand Luar. He is a designer from Villiamsburg who has already been dressed Future, Kilie Jenner, Solange Knovles or Kendrick Lamar.

How you evaluate the look Lourdes Leon?

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