Saturday , January 23 2021

Marina remembers the time WHEN IT WAS THE BEST: “Terrible styling, hairstyle and makeup”

It’s no secret that Marina zenuczenko works actively on Instagram every day. Woman Vojciech Szczesni and little Liam’s mother eagerly reports on her daily life in & nbspnetwork, advertises new products and continuously informs fans about the following effects of a long time in & nbspstudio.

Marina has already managed to cool down a bit after the intensive promotion of her latest album and busy pre-Christmas schedule, when, among other things, she was engaged in decorating the home interior and she oversaw the construction of the house with the elevator. Recently, while testing the benefits of Instagram filters, Marina announced to fans that she can finally afford a moment of respite through home quarantine – and decided to join the recently popular online entertainment in exchanging memories, which was indicated by observers.


What a Cossack filter, it’s a shame I don’t look like that. What should I do? Stretch something here and lenses (…) Beloved listen, I’ve been in quarantine for over a week, but I’m in no hurry to leave, because it rains from morning to evening, so I’m having a good time, on Netflick o & nbspi & nbspsinka runs to me. Honey, we’re sleeping Liama ​​asked.

I thought we could do this challenge. Send me your questions, what would you like to see (…) – & nbspproposed.


It didn’t take long for the fans to respond. One of the & nbspniks asked the celebrity to present the photo in which she weighed the most.

2010, studio “Dzien Dobri TVN” with my single “Glam Pop”. Here I aspired above my norm, where now, for example 50/52, then 57 + terrible styling, hairstyle, make-up did not help she remembered amused.

Users also persuaded Marina to show them photos in the company of her family, at the beginning of the acquaintance with Vojciech Szczesni, z & nbspvesela and the moment when she and her husband did not realize they were expecting a child.

We didn’t know here yet, and Liamek had been here for a few days, maybe a week – & nbspadhe cheated under the photo in which a smiling girl hugs a football player.


Take a look at Marina’s Instagram memories.


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