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Neil Ioung vs. Donald Trump in California Fire – Music


Neil Ioung, a legend of the American rock, is one of the victims of a fire in California. He lost his house and a collection of instruments.

Neil Young, Canadian by birth, is a legend of America's hippie and counter-culture, a symbol of independence in music. He started his career in the 1960s in the cult folk band Buffalo Springfield, then with Crai Hors and Supergroup Crosby, Stills and Nash.

Neil Young's greatest hits are "Rockin 'in the free world", "Heart of Gold", "Helplessly", "Old Man", "Like Hurricane" and "Cinnamon Girl" or "Hey, hey, mine, .

He also became an inspiration for the grunge generation, especially for Pearl Jam, who accompanied him at the concerts and recorded the album "Mirror Ball" with him.

Polemics with the president

The world has now heard about the youth of California, California, in which his home in Malibo was burned. "The only reason for these huge, deadly and costly forest fires in California is the poor forest management, every year they are worth $ 1 billion," said the president of Donald Trump. "There are so many people killed by inefficient management." "If there is no solution right now, Federal funds will be suspended. "

This led to Yang's surprise, also because the Republicans illegally used the Rockin's "free world" anthem in the election a week ago, although Young asked Trump in a special statement not to do so.

"It's time to count on this unsuitable leader," wrote Neil Ioung, "California is vulnerable – not because of bad forest management, but because DT (our so-called president) would like to think that is a forest fire that is I'm crazy when I write. We are sensitive to climate change, extreme weather events and part of our long drought … Temperatures are higher here than ever in the hottest summer season. "Trump missed the truth. It's time to get rid of this wrong leader. Maybe our new Congress can help, I hope so. "

Akkl is rude to the president

Ioung is not the only star who responded to Trump's tweet claims that fires can be attributed to poor California's management.

Rod Stevart wrote: "Mr. President: When people are burning, when people lose their lives, when firefighters risk their lives," California needs words of support and encouragement, not the threat or finger of the accused. Where's Winston Churchill when we need him? "

Ack Rose commented: "Only a crazy and totally unpleasant person can turn on the facts and use the tragedy to try to win something political."

"This is an absolutely senseless speech," wrote Kati Perry. "It should not be politics when good American families lose their homes."

The loss of a house in Malibo, shared with Ioung and his wife, is not the first fire in the life of music.

In October 1978, Meeker Mansion, the house where he lived during the recording, among other things, "Zuma" album in the mid-seventies – was burned after the fire.

Studio shot Malibu, where Ioung worked, burned in 2007.

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