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“Or at first glance.” Julia is tired of Tomasz? The talks continued to focus on one topic


In the latest episode, the marriages created by the experts from “Weddings at First Sight” spent the first moments together. After the wedding, the couple went on their first wedding night, and set off the next day. The first problems appeared with Julia and Tomasz, who were not enthusiastic about each other from the beginning. Even while driving, my wife got tired of her husband’s talk.

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“Wedding at First Sight.” Julia was fed up with Tomasz. The conversations constantly turned to one topic

The infatuation did not develop between Julia and Tomasz. Julia did not want to establish a closer relationship immediately and kept her distance after the wedding.

I was a little embarrassed about Tomek. You know, the first night. Still a real stranger, I’ve known him for a few hours. I preferred to move to the edge of the bed, she said.

The next day after the wedding, the bride and groom got in the car for their honeymoon. Where she was was a mystery. A few hours together in the car without the possibility of escape – it was too much for Julia. It turned out that the seemingly introverted Tomasz opened up to his wife and told her about his passion, and that is the bridge.

I noticed that it was starting to bother me a bit, let’s talk mostly about the bridge. I am very happy that my husband has such a passion and I absolutely understand it. I would rather focus on talking about us, but usually it ended with a few words and the bridge immediately came to the fore – said Julia in front of the camera.

Apparently bored and discouraged by the casual conversation, she ran away in the only possible way – she decided to take a nap. She was disappointed that her husband was more talkative than she was.

However, Tomek dominates these conversations. I always thought I was an open person, but my husband absolutely surpasses me in that. I still haven’t found a way to stop him. I had such a signal from a witness at the wedding that Tomek, when he talks, sometimes has to be stopped. I still don’t know how to do that, we know each other too short to say “stop talking because I’m bored”, because he would be sorry – Julia added.

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The couple were taken to the Beskids, where a stay in a wooden mountain cottage awaited them. We both loved the location. However, soon after arriving, Julia was not thrilled with the way her husband was. She didn’t like his jokes and intrusions. This couple has obviously not lit up yet.

Do you have your types, which of the three couples will stay married?

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