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PlaiStation 5 – We know the alleged price, release date and performance information:

Time for the next generation console. Reddit user with a pseudonym RuthenicCookie has released new information on PlaiStation 5 on the site. Of course, the data has not been officially confirmed by Sony, but the account owner has announced that the Japanese representative will resign the E3 next year, even before the manufacturer himself, so some consider a relatively reliable source of information about the upcoming equipment.

So what can we expect from the successor to PlayStation 4? RuthenicCookie claims that the console will be partially presented to Sony by mid-2010, but for its full premiere, we will have to wait for the PlaiStation Experiments 2019 (the event will most likely be held in December). Regarding the start date of the sale, the equipment should somewhere in 2020 hit stores. Western websites write about March or November, but it's hard to notice that the first term seems much more likely (otherwise, Sony will wait nearly a year to start distributing it since launch). The price? $ 500.

PlaiStation 5 should be based on an 8-core processor from the Rizen family, and earlier it's about graphics with Navi architecture. RuthenicCookie in terms of performance is called a new model of monsters – the device will apparently allow you to play at a resolution of 4K at a stable level of 60 frames per second. Let's just hope that high resolution and high liquidity will be paid much worse than on computers with the quality of graphics. The console's home title should be such a production Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us 2 or Death Stranding, but these games will also appear on PlaiStation 4.

It is interesting that Sony apparently does not leave the VR industry. The materials available in Reddit show that the company is working on new protective goggles. Headphones have built-in cameras and enhanced controllers, and users who have fun in digital worlds can also get special gloves. The device itself is likely to debut with PlaiStation 5.

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