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Prime Minister Mateusz Moraviecki: Polekit is false news, these are the lies of the Platform


– These are Tusk’s big lies that Poles recognize. Your sick imagination came up with that – said the Prime Minister in the Sejm. – Polekit is your gross lie, it is a lie, because PO lacks imagination and program – he added.

At that time, the Prime Minister emphasized that “lies are not discussed, but only fought and the truth is shown” and that is what PiS intends to do.

– In this chamber, we do not have to talk about medicine, because there is no such thing. A vote was held in this room, where it was possible to determine exactly who is acting in the interest of Poland and who is not. The vote was on the National Reconstruction Plan. The Civic Platform voted against the funds for Poland, the Prime Minister thundered from the rostrum. Then the opposition shouted “shame!” From the hall.

The rest of the text below the video.

– The slogan “polekit” was not born in our government. She was born in the sick imagination of your PR people. You have created such a demon for yourself and you fight it like Don Quixote with windmills. The Poles see it perfectly well and I hope that they will not hand over our homeland to Don Quixote. When I look at what you are doing, this is anti-state policy. You’ve been doing this for years. We say “no” to a country based in Brussels. We say no to the United States of Europe. This is a sick concept of left-wing ideologues. This is a dead end, at the end of which a catastrophe occurred, whose father is Mr. Tusk. This is Brexit, the Prime Minister continued.

The head of government stated that Donald Tusk might write the second part of his book “Sincerely” about how he “broke” the European Union. – He led to Brexit and fled to Poland. God forbid such politicians – he added.

– When we entered the European Union, we felt like poor relatives. You would like a Union in which we stand in the corner and agree to anything. You have no respect for Poland and Poles, in our tradition you look outside to seek advice and support. We had a period before 1989 when the authorities looked at “big brother”. I think that the Polish elite continues to digest such a complex – said Moraviecki. – Look at Warsaw, Polish cities and towns. This is your sovereign, he added.

– Shall we be meek, keep our ears closed? the prime minister asked. “Certainly not,” he added. The Prime Minister has repeatedly emphasized that we are a sovereign state and that we will make decisions with the interests of Poles in mind.

– Thanks to us, Poland is one of the safest countries in Europe. Don’t thank me, we do it for you, the Prime Minister continued.

– For us, the EU is a community that must be based on true equality – said Moraviecki. – And for us, the Constitution must be the most important – he added.

For the EU to remain democratic, it must be decided by nations, not CJEU judges. Only the nation elects power in democratic elections. Judges do not determine the political systems of member states.

– Do you want the decision of a judge from Luxembourg, do you want Polish factories to close in Poland, or to introduce ideological revolutions that will destroy the mirror of Polish houses? the prime minister asked from the podium. – Do you really want this? – he added.

– If you choose the policy of inferiority, subordination, then know that as long as the PiS government, we will not allow Polish sovereignty to trade – the head of government thundered from the rostrum.

– Long live Poland, long live Poland in the EU, long live the democratic EU – Prime Minister Moraviecki finished his speech.

At the last gatherings that you organized, I heard how many people from your side referred to the words of Lech Kaczynski. Don’t do it, it’s shameless. You have no right.

Know that as long as PiS is at the head of the government, we will not allow Polish sovereignty to trade. Long live Poland in a democratic European Union!

– If the Prime Minister is such a patriot, why do you keep opponents of the ratification of the Reconstruction Fund in the government? You are guarding traitors, as you say. You are a hypocrite who has never been in the history of Polish parliamentarism. You have sold your honor to a true ruler. Your goal is to take Poland out of the European Union to the east. You are a bunch of pathological lies, the PO MP Boris Budka replied to the Prime Minister.

Voting for a break in the session interrupted further submission of formal requests. However, the Sejm rejected the request.

After the vote, MP Krzisztof Gavkowski entered the rostrum and asked him to sing the EU anthem. The Marshal of the Sejm, Elzbieta Vitek, however, interrupted her speech and requested an appropriate formal submission. However, the MP said that he would not leave the podium until he was allowed to sing the EU anthem.

– We are Europeans, there is the EU flag. Too bad the right side doesn’t want to sing the anthem! – MP Gavkovski continued.

Then, the president of PSL, Vladislav Kosiniak-Kamisz, spoke. – Poland’s presence in the EU is a guarantee of development and security – said the chairman. – All the actions you are doing with the goal of Poland’s exit from the EU are a betrayal of the will of the Holy Father John Paul II – he added.

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