Sunday , April 2 2023

The Final Fantasy KSV sales exceeded 8.4 million copies


Enik's squares during the final presentation dedicated to Final Fantasy KSV did not have too many good news for the fans. At the beginning, we learned that all add-ons outside the Episode Episode episode were canceled, and then the company left Hajime Tabata, the director of the game. However, as it turns out, the future of the entire cycle is not endangered in any way.

Snikari Enik has announced that the Final Fantasy KSV has sold over 8.4 million units worldwide. This is a really great result, taking into account the fact that the series was in a really deep hole on the issue of selling on several occasions, and its global significance has dropped steadily. For comparison, the sale of the last parts can be seen in the list attached below.

Final Fantasy – Sale of Last Hits:

  • Dissidia NT – 0.44m
  • FFKSII HD – 1.1m
  • FFIKS Steam – 0.4m
  • VoFF – 1.1m
  • Type-0 – 1.2m
  • FFKSIV – 10.3m (for four years)
  • Back to Lightning – 1.2m
  • FFKSIII – 7.7m
  • FFKSII – 6.1m
  • FFKS – 8m

Final Fantasi KSV – Second Year Anniversary trailer (note about spoilers):

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