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The new Ekinos much talks about what Samsung Galaki S10 camera can have


Samsung introduced the processor that will be the heart of the Samsung Galaki S10. This premier shows which photographic capabilities can have a new leading smartphone.

Samsung behaved that the upcoming leading smartphone Galaki S10 will be equipped with the Ekinos 9820 processor, which is a new chip that will be 15-20 percent. more efficient than its predecessor, and will use 40 percent more. less energy. David wrote about a new processor.

The new processor tells a lot about what camera you can find in Samsung Galaki S10.

In today's photo – not just mobile – the processor is extremely important for photo quality. The camera matrix is ​​a key component on a permanent basis, but the processor is responsible for processing the live image. This has a direct impact on video capabilities, high-resolution image processing, and all advanced shooting modes that combine multiple frames into one. And more and more such modes.

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In this respect, the Ekinos 9820 shines. The processor is equipped with the photo signal module ISP (Image Signal Processor) that will be able to encode and decode 8K images in 30 fps or 4K to 150 fps! Moreover, it will be possible to process the HDR image in 10 bits.

Video recording in 8K sounds is phenomenal, although it must be remembered that this feature does not have to hit Samsung Galaki S10. It all depends on the matrix, but also on how much Samsung will advance. As the history of different manufacturers shows, the design of equipment is influenced by accountants.

For this reason, the 10-bit HDR image is more attractive to me. From this, a simple video frame with a flat profile is already available (now available in professional film applications), and this will give a nice picture.

Even today, creators are able to squeeze cinematic look from movies shot with a smartphone, and HDR recording in 10 bits will be a big step forward. For a long time, such features have been reserved only for professional cinema cameras, and only recently have been sent to the so-called floating shelf.

The processor lets you use five lenses.

The ISP processor in the processor will allow you to control the image with five cameras. As you may recall, according to the leak, the Samsung Galaki S10 should be equipped with a triple camera with telephoto system, standard viewing angle and ultra-wide angle lens. Samsung even cites resolutions supported by ISPs. They are 22 megapixels on the front, the same on the back and a dual layout with 16 megapixel matrices. If I have to shoot, I bet 22 megapixels in the base camera and 16 MP in the telephoto lens module and ultra-wide angle.

The three lenses on the back panel leave room for a dual camera with the front camera (because all 5 lenses are combined), but here can be a surprise. Samsung says the processor can handle up to five matrices, including an infrared sensor. However, I would not count on an apparatus that works in infrared light. It would be curiosity (such photos have their charm), but today the image is focused on cutting the infrared light range so that it does not affect the quality of color in the visible range by man.

However, an IR sensor can be used as a security system, i. E. Iris or facial scanner. Many biometric systems use an additional infrared camera, and I bet that this is all about what Samsung has to do with the infrared sensor.

There is something to wait.

I feel that the Samsung Galaki S10 will be a powerful photo shoot. Over the years, Samsung dominated the quality of mobile images, while last year Koreans clearly felt the breath of a competitor from China on their backs. I mean the Huawei company, specifically the smartphone Mate 20 Pro, which makes real wonders about photography.

I am convinced that this situation is very high pepper Samsung and I hope it will work like a canvas canvas. Samsung is synonymous with excellent and even the best cameras on the mobile phone market, so there would be a huge lack of competition to give this title. I'm looking forward to waiting for my face. If my assumptions come true, Samsung Galaki S10 can be strongly raised at least in terms of photo quality. I'm counting on that!

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