Wednesday , February 8 2023

The price of ports in the EU is highest in ten years


The price of ports in the EU is highest in ten years foto shutterstock

According to Puls Business in Europe, there are no arches, and prices are up to ten years.

– The prices paid by the manufacturers of onions are currently around 1.38 PLN per kilogram compared to 60 PLN per year. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, the production of ports can be 12% in Poland. lower. At the same time, it can be felt that by some drought in some European countries, some tens of percent will be reduced, so you can expect a deficiency. For producers who have sprinklers and can irrigate plantations, this is a great year. – says Irena Strojevska, an expert at the Institute of Economics of Agriculture and Food Economy in an interview with Puls Biznes.

Port statistics look similar once a year. The cultivation area has been around 25-26 thousand years. hectares, collections amount to 650,000 tons and household consumption reach 5.4 kg per person per year.

Andrzej Szvaja, the head of the Carota production group, known for carrots and harbor, claims that long-term unchangeability is just an illusion and after record high prices some farmers are likely to return to the growing onion.

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