Sunday , October 2 2022

This war from my hand leads to Svitch [WIDEO] / CD-action


The game will be released in a package with all accessories.

We know that the work of the Polish 11-bit hit the Nintendo console since Augustbut now we've learned a lot more about it. The game will be sold November 27th in a package with all accessories. A bit Enriches the party with the ability to take care of children, and Anniversari Edition, or DLC once released to celebrate the second anniversary of the game, allows you to go to previously unavailable locations and meet new people.

Added to this is the entire content of the season passage. I'm talking about Father's promise published on computers, thanks to which we can get to know the new country and two more extensions that will appear in the future – on Svitch they will be available as part of the free updates.

Otherwise, it's worth noting that the second episode included in the season pass, The Last Broadcast, will go to computers November 14th and it will be much more detailed than the Father's promise. The authors will talk about the fate of the radio player and try to answer the question of whether the truth is always superior value.

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