Monday , February 6 2023

Tourists destroyed the image of Salvador Dali. He wanted to record a picture in a museum


What can happen to the museum? There is a reason why there are certain rules in these places in terms of opening exhibits and photographs. The second, which has been dictated so far, has been mostly a flash threat, and now there are more, associated with a dangerous (as it turns out) a selfie mode.

Salvador Dali's picture was destroyed. Tourists wanted to meet him

Two tourists visit the exhibition Los Caprichos in the museum in Yekaterinburg, Russia, the works presented there were so appealing that they decided to photograph them. However, they did not foresee that seemingly unconventional selfie could end up tragically.

The women they photographed destroyed the structure on which two valuable images were attached. One of them was damaged – the work of Salvador Dali. According to, the image structure has suffered, and experts say it is expensive to destroy.

Fortunately, other painting, Francisco Goia, did not fall into disaster. It is also known that the exhibition, despite an unhappy event, is not closed to the public.

The museum authorities have not yet submitted what works of great painters are placed on the damaged wall.

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