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Zaglebi lost to Crown 0: 1. The new coach did not help


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New coach, old problems. The Zagłebie black series is underway

Photo: PAP / Maciej Kulczinski

Video: Andrzej Grigiel / PAP
Basin again without a win

Zagłebie's fatal driving is in progress. Even the change on the bench for the coaches did not help the Lubins. In the match of the 14th round, the league won home at Crovn 0: 1, which on the other hand interrupted a series of three matches without a win.

In the last five meetings in the league, Baker scored two draw and three defeats, including a compromise in the Polish Cup with Huragan Moraga. So after last week's match with Gornik Zabrze (0: 2) Mariusz Levandovski was removed from the position of coach.

His assistant, Holender Ben van Dael, took his place, who came to Lubin to work at the local football academy in summer. And most likely, they will return to this role if club officials sign a contract with another coach. However, this will only happen after the autumn circle.

The golden goal

For now, only the new coach was convinced that he still needs a lot of work to do. While at previous meetings Lubinjci managed to create situations, so on Sunday they disappeared. And the physical preparation of Filip Starzinski and the company were at a bad level. The people of Kielce looked much better in that respect, who proved their advantage to the great.

Wait for it, order it up to 73 minutes. Crown made a free kick. Dominik Hładuna was the scorer. However, Matej Pucko came in to finish the match. The only goal for this match was scored.

Zagłebie is waiting for victory on September 14th. For Crown, this is just another win at the Lubin stadium. For the first time in July 2015, she chose three points.

Source: PAP / Maciej Kulczinski Pucko scored the fourth goal in the season

Zaglebie Lubin – Korona Kielce 0: 1 (0: 0)
the goal: Matej Pucko (73)

basen: Dominik Hadun – David Pakulski (73. Bartosz Kopacz), Maciej Dabrowski, Lubomir Guldan, Sasa Balic – Damjan Bohar, Adam Matuszczik (88. Mateusz Matras), Filip Jagielło, Filip Starzinski, Bartłomiej Pavłovski (81. Vładisłav Sirotov) – Patrik Tuszinski .
crown: Matthias Hamrol – Ivan Markuez, Adnan Kovacevic, Elhadji Pape Diav – Bartosz Rimaniak, Matej Pucko (79th Piotr Malarczik), Mateusz Mozdzen (46th Lukasz Kosakievicz), Oliver Petrak, Zlatko Janjic (65th Marcin Cebula), Michael Gardavski – Elia soriano.

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