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A woman's bumped bitch does not have an eye

The right petition on the Internet is to demand the arrest of the aggressor and animal donation.

The "Spera", a medium-sized bitch, had one eye, was injured by another, and the muzzle split, after being brutally attacked by iron, on October 23 in Legua, into the avolhavo. The attack was accompanied by four people and was executed by a man known as "King of Cattle". In the meantime, an online request for the arrest of the perpetrator was filed.

Three young men heard "the noise of the beats and the animal that is fighting." "We saw a man in the middle of a field that hit more than a dog with iron. We started shouting to stop, but he continued," he told one of the witnesses. With the noise, which caused the other neighbor's exit and testimony, the aggressor left a bitch in the middle of the field that the young people collected and took away the vet.

"We still managed to see him with another dog in seemingly dead throat, put him in a van and start," explained the same source. Before that, a man would still say "the dogs attacked the sheep".

The GNR was called and the witnesses filed an appeal against the aggressor. In the meantime, they created the "Todos pela Spera" group on Facebook, where they seek donations to help with animal treatments.

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