Thursday , April 2 2020
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BALL – Rui Gomes da Silva against the return of Jesus (Benfica)

Through the blog Benfica Generationwhere Rui Gomes da Silva, former vice president of Benfica, is shown weekly. Jorge Jesus returned to Luz to take the place he left for Rui Vitoria in June 2015.

«Image washing JJ predicts worst for Benfica! I no longer say in the character who comes, who after saying what he said about Benfica when he was coach of Sporting, accept "let's say they do not say" so you can come back! I'm talking about who in Benfica justified how he justified his way out! "

"One comes and is not ashamed! The other wants to come and forget even the insinuations of corruption in the way we won the titles we won … with him here! Then, maybe in January, with the excuse that he will not continue in the championship and will not be released for the 1/8 final of the Champions League. If he wins … it will be the bet of those who always wanted him … even when he sent him! If you lose … the guilt will always be on Rui Vitoria and … "for a year"! "

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