Wednesday , May 25 2022

Braga and Viana do Castelo in a yellow warning on Wednesday due to the wind


Mayor Viana to Kastel will apply for community funds for the rehabilitation of two state buildings in the "advanced state of degradation" in order to create one student residence and another cultural space.

Speaking to the Lus news agency, José Maria Costa said that the recovery of these two buildings will be included in the Strategic Urban Development Plan (PEDU), which envisages, by 2020, an investment of 20 million euros in the reopening of cities.

The Mayor of the Socialists explained that the possibility of rehabilitating these two state assets "was closed several years ago" after the municipal executive officer approved six diplomas on decentralization of skills for 2019.

One of them envisages the transfer of municipalities to the management of public real estate property without use.

"The diplomas approved by the municipal executive authority will be assessed at the municipal assembly on November 29. As soon as we get the approval of the assembly, we will present a proposal to the Ministry of Finance in order to inherit it, which has been abandoned, recovered and put into service by the community.

The mayor is classified as a "priority" intervention in a building that has become a former female student residence and school delegation Viana do Castelo.

The municipality's intention is to transform property, "in a poor state of conservation and abandonment for many years", at a residence for students of the Polytechnic Institute Viana do Castelo (IPVC).

"The building has already been surveyed and we are already working on the project because there is an urgent need for IPVC student accommodation," he said.

The other building is locally known as Kuesados ​​Manor. By 2009, it was occupied by the extinct Autonomous Road Administration, the current Infraestruturas de Portugal. In November 2015, the property was partially destroyed in a fire, and in June 2017 Saoud signaled it after being taken by the homeless.

The facility is located next to the high school Maria Maior, and is visited by more than 700 students.

Jose Maria Costa said that "due to the high architectural and heritage value it can turn into a place with cultural functions, even to serve as a support to high school."

"Unfortunately, it is very degraded because it was closed a few years ago and because it was vandalized. We will also present a proposal for rehabilitation to the Treasury and Finance Directorate for cultural purposes," he said.

Jose Maria Costa added that the framework law on the transfer of jurisdiction in this area of ​​state property provides "the possibility for the Chamber to present a program of intervention and management over a period of 50 years".

The PEDU foresees the implementation of 30 different projects, whose intervention focuses on seven areas of urban rehabilitation (ARU).

In 2013, the first ARU of the historical center was created that covers the medieval core of the city. There are ARU Cidade Poente, ARU Darkue and ARU Frente Ribeirinha from Viana do Castelo, launched in 2015. In 2017, three more areas were created, namely ARU Cidade Norte, the parishes of Santa Maria Maior and the Meadela ARU Frente Atlantica, in the parishes of Areos and Monserrat, and the ARU Maritime Front of Amoros, in the parish of Chafe.

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