Monday , March 20 2023

Covid-19: The Parana government does not rule out the adoption of a vaccine passport


The Parana government is studying the adoption of a controversial “vaccine passport”. In an interview with CBN Maringa radio this Friday morning (15), Secretary of State for Health Beto Preto said the health team was discussing a request for a vaccine card against Covid-19 to enter certain locations and participate in the events. “There is still no decision. We hoped that the passport would be a decision of the Ministry of Health, included in the National Immunization Plan (PNI). But if necessary, we will make a decision, probably in the next few days,” he said. he. The secretary also expressed concern about the season on the coast of Parana: “Those who have not been vaccinated should avoid going ashore, because in addition to being easy prey for the virus, they are also carriers. We must reduce the circulation of the virus.”

Posted this Friday (15), Bulletin of the Fiocruz Covid-19 Observatory argues that success in controlling the pandemic at the current stage Brazil is in requires – in addition to high vaccination coverage – linking other measures, such as vaccine passports and the use of masks. To illustrate, it provides examples of strategies adopted in Singapore and England, which have seen a resurgence of Covid-19 cases in their countries.

According to researchers from the Covid-19 Fiocruz Observatory, responsible for the Bulletin, with less than 50% of the population with a full vaccination schedule, it is essential that Brazil adopt a vaccination passport as a public policy to encourage vaccination and collective protection, in addition to increase the importance of maintaining other measures, such as the use of masks, hand hygiene and physical and social distance. They emphasize that the combination of this set of measures is key to guaranteeing a careful resumption of activities, as is the case in Singapore, a country considered exemplary in the fight against the pandemic. “In Brazil, in addition to increased vaccination and continued protection measures, the continuation of many face-to-face activities that were suspended during the pandemic raises the need to adapt the environment with filters or better ventilation conditions and to provide epidemiological surveillance strategies, with extensive testing. The pandemic is still ongoing. We are making progress, but we cannot ignore the concern that is still fundamental

Vaccination in Parana

The secretary’s expectation is that Parana will exceed the mark of 80% of the population during 18 years of being fully vaccinated, Beto Preto said at the end of November. According to him, about 99% of people from Parana have received at least one dose or a single dose of immunization agent so far.

A survey conducted by the State Ministry of Health (Sesa) on Thursday (14) found that 347 municipalities in Parana have already started vaccination against Covid-19 in adolescents without comorbidities. Municipal teams forwarded the information to regional health, representing 87% of the state’s 399 cities. The immunization of these young people began with the use of the rest of the technical reserve, which was sent to the municipalities in all shipments, according to an agreement between Sesa, the Council of Municipal Health Secretariats of Paraná (Cosems / PR) and the Association of Paraná Municipality (AMP).

Diary Booklet

The Ministry of Health (Sesa) announced on Friday (15) over 1,475 cases and 94 deaths due to infection caused by the new coronavirus. The numbers are also for previous months or weeks and do not represent a notice in the last 24 hours. Accumulated monitoring data from Covid-19 show that Parana has 1,527,680 cases and 39,531 deaths from this disease.

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