Friday , June 2 2023

"Dance Vith the Stars": discovered the names of the first contestants


The first contestants from the program "Dancing with the Stars" are already known: Kelli Bailei and Vitor Hugo.

Enthusiastic, a new pair of lecturers, Rita Pereira and Pedro Teikeira, with the help of Manuel Luiz Gouch, have discovered through the social networks the names of two competitors who promise to delight in TVI's "room".

The actress and presenter used the Instagram page to give the nickname of Pedro Teikeira, who quickly passed the word Manuel Luis Gouch. And so we came to the official social networking sites "Dancing with the Stars", and we learned that Kelli Bailei and Vitor Hugo debuted on the program's dancers list.

"It's time to discover the first two contestants in the dance! Teikeira already knows who they are," Rita Pereira said in a video clip she shared on Instagram. Pedro Teixira answers: "Yes, of course I know, but I think there is someone in TVI who surely knows more of us! Manuel Luis Goucha tells us what you know!"

Former TVI instructor, Manuel Luis Goucha joined the duo. "Well, I already know all about the new DCAE edition! But Rita, will we already discover that?" Pie Presenter "Voice On TV".

The dynamics continues from Rita Pereira, who passes the ball Pedro Teikeira: "I do not know, now I'm in doubt! Let me ask the Taylor!"

The actor and lecturer continue joking and responds: "I think we should tell you! Everyone wants to know! Goucha tell you or tell?"

Manuel Luis Goucha ends the conversation and launches a challenge to his followers: "Do you want me to tell you? Do not think I'm not a junkie!" But if you really want to know who the first two competitors are, the exclusive Instagram "Dance vith the Stars".

Remember that the program has a debut date for December 9th.

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