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DISTINCTION – Portugal's Tourism Campaign triumphs on international travel and tourism awards! Actual Penacova PENACOVA CURRENT


Promotional campaign "Turismo Centro Portugal – Tour and stay"The Turismo Centro de Portugal was one of the biggest winners of the prestigious international travel and tourism awards awarded in London. The campaign received the Golden Prize, the first prize in the category" Best National Tourism Organization / Marketing Campaign Destination. "The award ceremony was held in Tuesday night.

The Executive Board of the Portuguese Tourism Center (including Pedro Machado, Joao Azevedo, Maria to Ceu Albukuerkue, Jose Ribao Esteves and Jorge Loureiro) receive the prize, attended by gala lecturers

"We remain
Extremely proud of this unprecedented achievement in Portugal. It's a reward
very important. We will all congratulate, because it is a reward
our country, the tourism sector and the Centro de Portugal brand, which competed
candidates are stronger than the United States.
"Pedro emphasized
Machado, chairman of the Turismo Centro de Portugal, a few minutes after he received it

"This difference also shows that in the midst of the tragedy of hope, it was born. A renewed hope in the destination, in its attractiveness, is well reflected in this campaign. I remain a special word to our partners who have actively participated in this project, such as the Portuguese Tourism Promotion Agency of Portugal, the Regional Coordination and Development Committee of the Center, Turismo de Portugal or the State Secretariat for Tourism, besides our businessmen. These are the entities and people who wanted to help us from the first hour and who today achieved such a prestigious award. The Turismo de Portugal team can not be proud: this is the most important award ever received"He added.

Golden award for the tourist center of Portugal
International travel and tourism awards differ
work of tourist organizations around the world. The winners were
chosen by an independent panel of judges from around the world, and
best that is taking place on the international road and tourism.
The competition is organized by Vorld Travel Market (VTM
London), with the cooperation of the World Tourism Organization (UNVTO). VTM
London is an international event that gathers the tourism industry between
5 and 7 in London, and most importantly in the world
business zone.
This was the first year of awarding these awards. The
Winners, in 13 categories of competition, have been announced for the hearing
more than 500 leaders in the tourism industry, including
a gala that took place at the Tobacco Dock in London.
Pedro Machado (President of Turismo Centro de Portugal) receives the prize

It was the Campaign of the Portuguese Tourism Center
one of the eight finalists in his category, defeating
USA, Japan, Peru, Egypt, Jordan, Estonia, Finland and
Faroe Islands.

"We stayed
enthusiastic about the response of the tourism industry to these
is really impressed with the quantity and quality of competitors.
All finalists represent the essence of these awards: they celebrate success
national, regional and local tourism authorities and recognize
private private companies
"Paul Nelson said,
co-founder of the "International Travel and Tourism Award".
We remind that the campaign "Turismo Centro Portugal – Tour and staywas created
after the fire that affected the region in 2017 and directed towards it
to reaffirm the Center of Portugal as a safe and reliable destination.
In particular, it is focused on promoting the most vulnerable regions through
billboards, press releases and radio spots, among other initiatives.
The results were extremely positive
demand growth last year.

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