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Festival Temps d & # 39; Images has this week's four absolute prime ministers in Lisbon


ABOUT The documentary "In the Comfort of Your Home", Christiane Jatahi, presents performances by artists who have integrated the Rio Occupation London project – also directed by a Brazilian artist in 2012 – in thirty houses of various British county districts during the Olympic Games. Those interested in participating have sent a letter to answer some of the questions that served as the basis for the creation of works of art or performance.

The film will be screened in an absolute prime, today and Wednesday, at 7:00 pm, at Cinema Ideal in Lisbon. Today, the presentation is attended by Director and Artistic Director of the Municipal Theater of Sao Luiz, Aida Tavares.

The artist in the city of 2018 also presents at the same time the Ideal Cinema "Utopia.doc", a political documentary at the present time, which focuses on "being alien" or "wanting to go, to stop – real and fictitious", which reflects on "cultural , geographical and human borders, "says the website of the Festival.

This is the second projection, after the premiere, on Sunday, with the presence of the director and Antonio Rodrigues, from Cinematecue Portuguesa.

A documentary film that appeared on the margins of presenting the film "What if they went to Moscow?" He spent 2013 in immigrant homes in Paris, Frankfurt and Sao Paulo. Participants were also selected through interviews or letters. While in Paris, artists created performances in immigrant houses, in Frankfurt, important writers of Brazilian literature read the texts they wrote, inspired in the letters of the participants. In Sao Paulo, immigrants responded to the letters of each other.

Traveling to the homes of these immigrants generated "deep and moving dialogues about personal histories and the world of today," in some kind of "utopia of the world without borders", points to the location of the festival.

Christiane Jatahi was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1968 and gathers two decades of stage works that combine different art areas, from theater to film and video art, with common concerns.

Jatahi is an associate of Le Cent Quatre and Odeon Theater in Paris and National Theater-Bruxelles Theater, and he is the successor of Conogue dancer and choreographer Faustin Liniekul, an artist in the city of Lisbon in 2016.

For the artist, the theater is "always about modernity", as Luzhi said last March, when she was presented as an artist in the city of 2018. It is the only way to "strike the target" and "enter into the essence of work," he pointed out at the time.

"Staying Still With Heaven", with the creation and interpretation of Chiara Taviani and Henrik Furtado, is a "visual and audible song with surrealistic eruptions," in which rhetoric, rhythm, diction, gestures and the performance of textual discourses plays a central role, according to the website Temps d & # 39; Images.

The absolute prime minister is scheduled for next Friday, Saturday, at the CAL – Arts Center in Lisbon, at 9:30.

Also in the absolute debut, the performance conference "De Perto, Uma Pedra", Carolina Campos, Joao Fiadeiro and Leonardo Mouramateus, will be presented on Saturday and Sunday at 16:30 at the premises of the Generator of the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT) in Lisbon.

The spectacle attempts to remove the public from a fixed location that is usually reserved for it as an "observer," which gives it greater participation as a "visitor" who looks at the stone near and inside. The name of the show is inspired by the title of the book Bruno Munari: "From a distance, it was on the island."

The week ends with the Prime Minister in Lisbon, "Onde Esta o Casaco?". Ana Jotta, Ciriakue Villemauk and Joao dos Santos Martins, which will be held next Sunday at 5:30 am and 8:00 am at the Sociedade Musical Ordem e Progresso.

Festival Temps d & # 39; Images, dedicated to the transition of contemporary artistic creativity, returned to Lisbon in the 16th edition of 01/01 and lasts until December 2nd, with seven absolute premieres, including shows, concerts, exhibitions and cinema.

The event has 24 events that globally involve 37 artists and collectives who appear in 15 spaces of the capital, following its primary goal "to publish the work of early career artists, but also artists, exploring the relationship between" living " and image. "

Temps D & # 39; Images – created in the heart of Europe in 2003, within the framework of the ARTE-led project, the European Cultural Channel, represents the production of Duplacena and has complete program and useful information available on the site & # 39; online & # 39; ;,

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