Sunday , January 29 2023

Francisco pick up Lidia to lie – Television


Months of honey are over Married at first glance. In the episode of Sunday, Day 4, the last pictures of couples in paradise are shown.

After returning to Portugal, they had to make big decisions: to continue or to end marriage. And the first to come to an end was Lydia and Francis, both of whom decided on the same decision, but before the groom told the experimenters that he caught his wife light.

«I sent 17 messages to Lydia and she did not answer. I told him I was wonderful for dinner, not thanks.& # 39 ;. Which competitors have responded that they have arrived?at three and such hotelsAnd they only saw the following messages the next morning.

But Francisco could not resist showing the impressions of conversations in Vhatsapp, which shows the hours Lidia read the messages and did not respond to the version that was told to the specialists.

«There was no need for this. I did not deserve it, neither I nor anyone else, I always treated it as a princess."He said. "We have to get out of the situation with the heads held high and open the door. Maybe one day we will cross again."He said. "I'm really relieved"Lydia concluded.

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