Saturday , January 16 2021

Fraud with MB VAI leads to the arrest of a 34-year-old

MB VAI is one of the most fantastic digital money transfer systems. However, due to its ease, it is also used for scams with a high monetary yield for fraudsters.

A fraudster will be arrested for the first time in Portugal.

Portugal: Fraud with MB VAI leads to arrest of 34-year-old

MB VAI is a Multibanco solution that allows you instant transfer, online shopping and physical shopping, generating MB NET virtual cards, and even withdrawing money via smartphone, tablet or computer.

In Portugal, there are more than 5,000 victims of fraud through MB VAI. More than 2.3m euros have already been diverted. The latest schemes, which have been revealed, indicate that fraudsters are now presenting themselves as well-known Portuguese companies - find out more here.

Portugal: Fraud with MB VAI leads to arrest of 34-year-old

A young 34-year-old fraudster will be arrested

According to JN, the accused who cheated the victims using the MB VAI platform will be arrested. According to the newspaper, the court in Setubal imposed the first sentence of an effective prison sentence. Fabio Farias, 34, ran a fraud scheme in Setubal for a year, and even when he went to prison for other crimes, he continued to deceive the victims.

According to the information, the group managed to steal 40,000 euros, deceiving dozens of victims in transactions made on the Internet and combined payments over the phone.

The victims of the crime were people with property on online advertising platforms. The accused approached them and said that he intended to make the payment through MB VAI. He informed them that they should enter the customer's mobile phone number, when in fact the number to be entered was the user of the application.

Once again we leave a warning to those who use MB VAI ...

  • If you don't understand how the app works, decline payment this way;
  • In case of doubt, ask the bank for information on the functioning of MB VAI before using it;
  • Always try to do business in person if you are in the same geographical area as the customer;
  • Try to receive payments in person or by bank transfer;
  • Never follow the instructions of unknown persons to pay via MB VAI.

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