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Ilhavo will serve five days of traditional Bakalhoeira cuisine Gastronomy


Heads of cod, rice, onion, onion, bay, tomato, olive oil, water and white wine. The list of ingredients is simple, the end result is much more assembled. The crying of cod, some kind of soup that used to be served on boats boats, will be one of the most powerful dishes at the gastronomy festival, which will be held in Ilhav between October 14 and 18.

More than a dozen restaurants in the municipality will provide gastronomic experiences with at least three meals and a price between 10 and 30 euros. And, also under the pretext of a gastronomy that once fed fishermen, there will be several guides, some of which will have the right to taste – cod, of course.

After the first moment, last October in Peniche, the Bordo Gastronomic Festival is now preparing to launch anchor in Ilhava – and in December it will sail to Murtos, another municipality involved in the project of programming the cultural network in which this festival is inserted. In five days, 14 restaurants in the municipality guaranteeing the "Portuguese cane capital" will reserve a prominent place for traditional bakalhoeira cuisine.

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It's best to start with choosing and book a table: Tubarao Beach, Bela Ria, Canastra do Fidalgo, Cantina Bar Lota, Duna do Meio, Star Sea, Maradentro, Mariskueira Barra, Mariskueira da Costa Nova, Montebelo Vista Alegre Ilhavo Hotel, Grasshopper, Navigator, Salsus and Travler.

For those who think this will be another reeds festival – Ilhavo already has one and is held annually in August – Chef Patricia Borges, project mentor, highlights all the doubts: "Although the reed and its substitutes are present, the proposals emphasize the traditional bacalhoeira cuisine", marked with foods such as bone bone soup or fried granny, from crying.

Menus will be burdened with history, but the festival will also have a lot of innovation. Patricia Borges promises not to leave credits with the hands of others, and, having already begun to create recipes like a black duck and hamburger, she is about to surprise. "I'm thinking about creating a fresh tube for the beginning of the festival" Chef a fish specialist.

Visits to the heritage under the pretext of gastronomy

Apart from the proposed offers of all the participating restaurants, the festival then reserves the program of parallel visits and is called the "Sense of the Sea". There are several suggestions for discovering the maritime and iconographic heritage of the municipality of Ilhavo, including religious ones. "For example, we will have, for example, a free bicycle tour in Costa Nova do Prado, the first day of the festival, where the bike will be available by the organization. For the past 15 years, the proposal goes through a guided walk in the Coastal fishing harbor and a visit to the auction, where you can attend the auction, "said Fatima Teles, a committee member of the Ilhavo Committee.

"Ilhavo, the Path of the Lord Jesus the Navigator" is a suggestion for the 16th day and consists of a walking walk around the symbolic Ilhavense (5 Euros per person), before the gastronomic visit to the Maritime Museum of Ilhava – Jose Jose Gomes Ribeiro, Alvaro Garrido and Patricia Borges – in the morning of 17, with tasting (3 euros per person).

Also, on the 17th, but in the afternoon, a bike ride to the Delmar Conde and Carmonautica shipyards will be conducted (8 euros per person). The last tour is partly taking place on board, and consists of a visit to the coastal fishing port and a food processing firm at Bacalhau Barents, along with a tasting prepared by Chef Ricardo Markues, from the Hotel Montebelo Vista Alegre Ilhavo (15 euros per person).

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