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it is already safe to upgrade to Android 11

On December 31, 2020, 4gnevs warned us that they should not install the update for Android 11 on their Xiaomi Mi A11 smartphones. Unfortunately, the warning has been postponed for some, but now we have visual news

After the update was installed – in the ill-fated version – on the Xiaomi Mi A3, the smartphone did not turn on again. There have been many complaints on social networks, as well as on the official Xiaomi forum, which mainly affect users in Europe.

Now you can update Xiaomi Mi A3 on Android 11

Official list of changes from Android 11 to Xiaomi Mi A3 – change.

Fortunately, with the progress of the publication Gizmuchina, It is safe to install the update on this mobile device. It’s a bet Firmware With production number, It has already been distributed by Xiaomi, in a package that weighs 1.40 GB.

It seems that the list of jobs remains, being change Same thing, but with special attention to system stability. Besides fragment Security update from December 2020 with vulnerability fixes.

The patch update took about five days to reach users and is now being introduced gradually and in stages. So, when the available update notification arrives on your Xiaomi phone, you can actually install it.

Affected smartphones are repaired free of charge in Portugal

Xiaomi Mi A3
Smartphone O Xiaomi Mi A3, em azul.

As 4gnevs recently reported, Xiaomi is offering repairs to damaged units in major world markets. In addition, during the examination of 4gnevs, Xiaomi’s representative office in Portugal made it clear that the customers here have the right to the same function.

Therefore, for Portuguese users affected by the fateful update Xiaomi Mi A3, the repair is free. The official servicer is Tamet, which has physical facilities in Porto and Lisbon, but receives units from all over the country.

Please note that only Xiaomi Mi A3 units are covered by a valid IMEI – ie those purchased in Europe. If you have a unit in these circumstances, we advise the user to go or contact My Store Portugal.

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