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News from Correio to Cidadao | Guarapuva receives doses of meningitis vaccine


The announcement was sent by the Secretary of Health in the morning (15). The municipality received 800 doses

03/15/2019 13:03 –

The health service in Guarapuva stated that the municipality received 800 doses of meningococcus C vaccine and that all health units had already been delivered.

"We remind you that the vaccine is recommended in accordance with the ministerial protocol of the National Vaccine Program," the ministry warned.

Children of 3 months, with a second dose of 5 months and an increase of 12 months, and adolescents aged between 11 and 14 are the priority vaccine community.


In early March, the State Secretariat for Health (SESA) asked the Ministry of Health to send more shipment vaccines to Paran. For more than a year, the amount of dosing is not sufficient to satisfy demand.

In the "brave wolf" country, according to the Epidemiology Department of the Ministry of Health, supply problems began in October 2018, and stocks have become vacant in recent weeks.

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