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Nio ET Sedan. The Chinese do not miss the opportunity – the observer

Nio took over the EP9, an electric supercar that collected the record, from Nuremburg to the circuit of America. But after this "debauchery" in the tram war startup The Chinese company has been focusing on making more affordable products that can simultaneously compete in performance with the best Tesla proposals. Proof that Nio is currently considered one of the most powerful electricity producers is that Tesla's second largest investor has decided to "put some eggs" into this basket …

The Chinese brand wanted to show at home in the Shanghai hall that it does not miss the opportunity to investigate the electric line, not representing one, not two, but three news. Not stand, in addition to the already known ES8 and ES6, ET Sedan appears, still a prototype, but whose production version is not expected to undergo significant changes. It is a salon with modern and minimalist aesthetics, which stands out in search of take a look at more sporty, adopting downstream roof line, somewhat similar to Audi's A5 Sportback solution or from Volkswagen to Arteon.

The Chinese sedan boost is a combination of induction motors (rear) and an electric motor with permanent magnet at the front, delivering nearly 300 hp. In particular, the announced power is 295 bars (220 kV) and a nickel-cobalt-manganese battery (NCM811, ie eight parts of nickel, cobalt and manganese) with high energy density (on a large quantity of nickel) is launched, with a promising brand of 510 km autonomy. It is true that the announced value is the result of an outdated protocol (the old European consumption and emission measurement cycle), but 500 km in the NEDC will be at least 375 km according to the VLTP method. Therefore, the interest of this proposal will generally be at a price. And if logic continues to apply to ES8 and ES6, competitive values ​​can be expected. Now, this linking with an appealing image and an interesting power seems like a recipe "condemned" to success …

But news about Niy are not exhausted in expanding the scope. In Shanghai, the brand introduced its own fast charging station (DC). It is a system that can be expanded to eight charging stations, with six charging at 300 kV and two at an output of more than 120 kV. The third news is that the electricity supplied on these chargers will be available to brand customers, similar to the Tesla startup strategy, but drivers of other brands of electric vehicles will also be able to "refuel" there. For this purpose, the company has developed app Nio Charging. This offer complements the battery replacement cells:

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