Sunday , October 2 2022

Oops! NVIDIA RTX 2070 also "dies"!


NVIDIA RTX 2070 also "dies"! – We mentioned a few days ago that the NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti can have a serious architectural problem! This problem causes "artifacts" in the image, system instability, gradual loss of performance and finally … Early death of a graphics card.

Well, it looks like it's now the order of NVIDIA RTKS 2070 FE if it's on the spine.

It said that some users are not even able to replace their boards, and many are waiting for their money back nearly two weeks ago.

Multiple graphics cards now report fatal flaws on their NVIDIA RTX 2070 FE. This, after only one week of use.


It seems to be a normal RMA problem, but the truth is that it's very serious … Several users have endured the "insanity" of mining for more than 12 months, so now you spend 500 euros on a graphics card, which did not last for a week on their computers.

By the way, it's likely that several of these users have sold their old graphics card to help buy their successor … In this case, NVIDIA RTX 2070!

However, with RTKS 2070 dying in the first week of use, now there are many players without any board, and of course … With less than 500 € in the wallet.

In the past, we've already mentioned that this issue of NVIDIA is a little bit of a bit.

At the bottom, this wave of problems confirms this same hypothesis, but the question remains … Why is NVIDIA so many hurry?

In the end AMD there is no record that reaches the fifth generation of the latest generation of the previous generation, let alone the RTX 2080 Ti, and will not continue for the next long months.

In fact, if NVIDIA waited a bit, it could have avoided all these shortcomings! Similarly, it could give time for studio games to properly apply Rai Tracing technology.

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