Friday , June 2 2023

PUBG for PlaiStation®4, available on December 7th


A Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has just announced that it is a multiplier shooter "Battle Roiale" Battlefields PlaierUnknovn (PUBG) will officially arrive PlaiStation®4, both in physical format, as well as in common retail objects, in digital format, in PlaiStation®Store, December 7, 2018. The name will be available at an estimated price of € 29.99.

It needs to be highlighted PUBG is an intense multiplier online shooter "Battle Roiale", in which 100 players fought each other on a massive combat map with the intention of surviving. They will be parachutes to the island, where they will have to plunder what they can and defeat their opponents until they are the only survivors in this action game, surprises and moments of pure adrenaline.


Announcement of PUBG for PS4! PUBG, who fights for the heart, is coming to PlaiStation 4 on December 7th! Pre-schedule today.

It should be noted that this version is for PlaiStation®4, which will be published on December 7th, contains all the main contents PUBG, including three cards, a personalized startup function and a promotion system, among other elements.

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