Monday , March 27 2023

Rio wants other parties to make a "deep reform" of the Rui Rio regime


Rui Rio conducted a lesson that was well studied: no other word about the case of José Silvano, whose shrapnel achieved his leadership. But confronted with the pressure of journalists who followed the visit of two health centers in Povaa de Varzim and Vila do Conda on Monday, the PSD leader circled the issues with a very expensive subject: the democratic regime. And in this context, Rio defends changes in "how elected deputies and municipalities".

"I have been in this political life for many years and I had the opportunity to hold conferences and conferences and conferences all over the country, and the things I call for are a deep reform of a democratic regime that has something called a reform of the political system," said Rui Rio, The reform implies, however, that there is political understanding with other parties.

In this regard, the former deputy and former Secretary General of the PSD used the opportunity to give a few points to other parties. "This is my thinking for a long, long and long time. I'm sorry that, as many others think, they did not come to express it, because I've been insisting on that for many years," he said.

Emphasizing that "most of the values ​​made on April 25th determine the spending that the regime has had," Rui Rio warned the other parties: "Or we can look at this and fall into the awareness that we really change or we will live here from rockets and cases , and everything will be degraded more and more. "

Watching and thinking

Former Mayor Porto said that the reform of the "political system has to do with" the way the elected deputies were elected, with the way the municipalities themselves were elected, with the Assembly of the Republic and with limitations of the mandate. All this should be seen and thought, "he said, adding this package to judicial reform, which lasted more than 20 years.

As for the Assembly, it is considered that it should change, "but he did not maintain the controversy of a false presence at plenary meetings of the Republic Assembly, which refers to the possibility of revising the appointment procedures for a deep reform of the regime." I was a deputy many years ago , I was there for the first time there for ten years, and by then I realized that the way the work of the Parliament should be changed should have been more than 20 years, "Rio repeated.

At the end of the visit of Povoa de Varzim and Vila do Conde, where he visited two health units, the leader of the Social Democrats pulled out his political experience in order to say that he did not need "A, B or C to withdraw the conclusions [numa alusão ao caso do deputado e secretário-geral do PSD, José Silvano] that it is necessary to reform the system in which the political system reform is necessary, because it is a structural conclusion. I've understood it long ago. "

On visits to the Povoa de Varzim and Vila do Conde hospitals, the PSD leader advocated greater autonomy for the Public Health Board, and at the same time revision of the hospital health management model of the National Health Service (SNS).

Speaking to reporters in Vila do Conde, Rio has advocated greater autonomy in hospital administrations, often often depending on the Ministry of Finance's response. PSD president therefore joins BE who, just a month ago, submitted to the Republic Assembly the draft law for hospitals, health centers and local health units, "to have full autonomy to contract the professionals they need."

For BE, "it is essential that health units integrated in the National Health Service have greater autonomy for employment, either for substitution due to temporary absence from work or an increase in the number of permanent employees."

The former mayor Porto did not think much about what PSD intends to do in this matter, but he made it clear that management boards should have more autonomy to address current governance issues, such as employing employees and others.

Two hospital units that need "deep intervention" have withdrawn 1.9 million euros in the state budget in 2019, a situation where PSD will seek to rectify the discussion in the budget area.

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